About us

For the past 20 years, HPG has designed and produced premium reports for esteemed local and international clients in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. More recently, we have also introduced interactive online reporting services. HPG is a full-service, award-winning design agency with an enthusiastic and experienced team of professionals. Our full staff complement includes strategists, project managers, copywriters, art directors, programmers, web developers, graphic designers, typesetters, account managers and production specialists. To date we have successfully produced in excess of 4700 projects.

HPG - Plastic View Charity

We upped our game this year; having learned from our experiences, we were able to cater for 170 children – more than double last year. This year's bash started off with a movie (which many of the children had never experienced) complete with popcorn and cooldrink. An impromptu concert was laid on by the kids, following which the rapid consumption of 400 relay-braaied boerewors rolls and several dozen cooldrinks. After lunch, gifts and clothes were handed out by HPG staff and each child had the opportunity to be called out individually and presented with their bag of goodies which included clothes, toys and dental hygiene packs. After a chaotic session of football and kite flying, the children were packed back onto the busses along with sweets and fruit.